Monday, July 13, 2009

105 Degree Survival Skills

So it's been the hottest Austin summer in years apparently. We wouldn't know the difference because this is summer #1. We're used to 100+ at this time of year, but not with humidity...and not with 3 active kids. How do you get through a warm Texas summer? This isn't textbook; we're just kind of making it up as we go.

1. Swim:
We religiously attended the neighborhood pool our first few months. Taking a dip for 30 minutes is just what the Dr. ordered. Now that that pool's water temperature is 90 plus, we head to the pool at the gym (hereafter called the “Jum” acc. to the 3 year old).

2. Cold Beverages:
8am – Huge glass of water
9am – Coffee (OK, not cold but so tasty!)
11am – More water at the gym (Don't forget to wring out that sopping t-shirt from your 10 minute workout or it'll mold in your gym bag by tomorrow.)
2pm-4pm Cherry Limeade at Sonic – (for half price - they actually call it happy hour and my 6 year old now knows the term!)
9pm – Diet Coke to wash down the popcorn. Or substitute with any flavor of Bluebell Ice cream
3. Love the Great Indoors:
We head to the backyard at 8:30 for trampoline, sidewalk-chalk, and bike riding. Wear the kids out so they PLEAD for naps. Dad sees the dog lying on the cold kitchen tile and contemplates taking off his shirt to cool off the same way.

4. Appreciate the little things:
Even with summer cabin fever, the 3 munchkins provide much perspective and humor.

The one year old learning to walk, who looks like Frankenstein with a bobble head. Between shrieks saying, “Dah, dah.”

Holding hands with your six year old while walking to Starbucks for an apple cider.

Quotes from the three year old - “Girls don't like bbq; girls like candy.” Every bug you see is a “Red Ant!” Every time we drive up to the Jum we hear, “Mom, there's two jums.” Then we hear, “We've been to this Jum before!” Once in a while you'll hear, “Check this out!” and “What's goin' on guys?” And the best - After returning from errands, she'll greet me with a hug and yells, “Dad! You're my dad!”

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