Friday, June 26, 2009

Potty Humor

Life is funny sometimes. It's also funny to think back at the different stages of life. For those of you in the 30 something stage, isn't it funny to think about how we used to worry so much about things like what to wear to the dance? Now I could almost care less when my son sneezes scrambled eggs in my face and hair, then wipes maple syrup on my shirt (which happened this morning in public).

I think about the stuff that fills my schedule these days. Well, schedule isn't really the right word. Some days everything goes pretty smoothly. Other days are exhausting, unpredictable, and poopy. With three young children, a dog, and a cat there are times when I swear the only thing I've done all day is smell, wipe, and clean up poop.

The other day was a classic example. Elias was teething so you may know what that does to poop. Runny! Kiera has highs and lows. Though potty trained, there are still struggles with her independence. If there's ever silence for over three minutes, run to each of the bathrooms and find out which one she's in. When she decides to take care of business by herself, you never know what damage has occurred. It's on the toilet, it's on the stepping stool (no pun intended), it's on the floor, it's on her hands, and it's on her clothes. Then the dog, who wasn't let out for a while, just couldn't hold it any longer. Finally, save Meris, the cat was the only being not pooping. He was, however, acclimating to his new cat food. He promptly vomited on the stairs – five times.

My hands were practically cracking from the dryness produced by fifteen hand-washings that day. At the end of the day, the Bible verse for the day in the kids' devotional read (Philippians 4:4) – “Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: rejoice!” O.K. Point taken!

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