Thursday, August 6, 2009

You Know It's Humid When...

Yeah, we've lived in heat before - but I've never sweatted (is that a word?) so much in my life! Summers for us in CA routinely hit the 100s. But...all together was a DRY heat. Okay, so what's the difference?

If you're sitting downstairs and there's a book you want to read upstairs...and you KNOW you'll break a sweat fetching it...then you know it's humid.

If you go to the gym to run indoors even in the early's humid.

If the AC in the gym is cranked up and in 20 minutes you still sweat enough to spatter the person running next to you and you have to wring out your's humid.

If you're not obsessive compulsive yet you find yourself showering 3x a day because you's humid.

If you avoid hugging your three beautiful children after they jumped on the trampoline for only five minutes because they're sweating like's humid.

Finally, we took the kids to JCPenney on Monday to get Elias' one year old photos - give or take 2 months. Like most JCPenney stores, this one too was indoors and had AC. For 20 minutes three grown adults (Jana, myself, and the photographer) surrounded, played defense, cheered, peek-a-booed, encouraged, chased, puppeteered, and danced with the hope of one or two smiles and camera eye contact, resulting in the perfect photo. The masterful and patient photographer caught some great images. Afterward, I had to sit down, stretch, drink Gatorade, take in oxygen, and take an I.V. just to recover - that's when you know it's humid...and you have an energetic son.

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