Monday, March 12, 2012

The Tooth Fairy and the Six Year Old

What's the greatest thing that's happened to you the past year:  an income tax return?  Your team won the big game?  You got a new job?  A vacation to Aruba?  Well if you ask a six-year-old, chances are they'll say...I mean shout, "I lost my tooth!"  It has been a topic for months.  That tooth slowly got more wiggly.  Slooooooowly.  And then it happened.  I heard a shriek from the other room that made dogs run and small children cry.  For five seconds I thought that she had broken a limb or a tresured toy.  Nope!  She lost a tooth.  It finally happened.

I was more relieved than anything that her reaction didn't accompany a wall splattered with blood.  It was the yelp of the century!  She raced into the room holding her newfound treasure with a smile that spanned ear to ear, if not beyond.

She was thrilled with the tooth fairy's note and the fact that the tooth fairy was purple - yes, a weird tradition requiring food coloring and water.  (Thanks a LOT Jeff and Katie.)

What her mom and I love about her is that constant enthusiasm for life.  It's often the Kindergarten way. 

For example, "Dad, is there school tomorrow?" 
"Yes, honey."

Or..."Mom, is tomorrow Saturday?"
"Yes, dear."

We're thrilled about birthday parties and going to McDonald's is the equivalent of winning the Boston Marathon.  I pray she NEVER loses that excitement.

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