Monday, March 19, 2012

Aloha is French for Hello!

You read that correctly.  Yesterday I was asked, "Dad, do you know how they say hello in France?" 

"No, how do you say hello in France?"


Ah yes.  The world according to our 6 year old.  What a funny kid.  There's no way this middle child is going to be invisible.  Report cards came out Friday.  And I don't really care what their grades/numbers really say unless there's something glaring.  We're not going to Harvard anyway.  (Heck, affording Southeastern Washington Central University will be a stretch.)  Bur her teacher commented, "Working on containing her enthusiasm at appropriate decibels" essentially.

What things do you believe with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength?  To what degree do you put it on the line?  Do you really believe "aloha" is French for hello?  Maybe you believe that electric cars are the answer to the world's oil crisis.  Maybe you believe corporate greed is killing our country.  Maybe you believe your kid is best off involved in four extra-curricular activities.  Perhaps you believe your best years are ahead of you.  Or you're convinced you blew an opportunity you'll never have again.

This month our Sunday school kids are learning about Conviction - believing and doing what's right even when others don't.  My hope is that I'm living out my conviction just like my kids hold on to theirs'.  My biggest conviction is that Jesus Christ is the hope of this world.  Even though people across the world have to walk hours everyday just to fetch water.  Even though that makes as much sense to some people as "Aloha" in France.  Even though people find more joy shopping for expensive clothes than attending a worship service.

It's 3 weeks to Easter - go to church that day.  Check it out.  Come to mine.  Go with a friend.  Bring a friend with you.  It's way more than bunnies, eggs, and fancy dresses.  Of this I am convinced.

Aloha! (That means good-bye...I'm sure of it.)

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