Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Love is in the Air

Happy Valentine's Day!  I've heard of all sorts of great things done today in the name of love:  people singing to others, expensive flowers, e-cards with talking heads, and even I'm wearing a red shirt today.  People seem to go the extra mile to express their love on this day.

I checked out a few Facebook posts where there are a few people equally unhappy on this day.  For some, "love stinks."  For others, love is "in the air."

I can tell you that our love is deeper on Feb 14, 2012 than in 2011. You know the story.  I think suffering heightens your senses and increases your compassion.  It also slows life down. Yeah, time passes quick. But this year has inched by. 

If I were a true writer, I'd come up with some sappy poem for my wife.  But I can't write poetry.  In lieu of a poem, here are some bullet points (I'm a pretty good bullet pointer.):
  • I love how my wife bought Valentine's shirts for our kids - I wouldn't have done that.
  • I love how my wife gave me Brad Paisley tickets for Christmas and that when we went on Saturday she just closed her eyes and held me.
  • I love how my wife cares for her patients - even the nasty ones.  And follows up with them - even the nasty ones.
  • I love that my wife loves honey badgers (the clean video of course) and proclaimed herself a honey badger for being "tough" this year.
  • I love that my wife tells me she loves me far more times than I deserve everyday.
  • I love that my wife was more nervous than I was for my ordination interview.
  • I love that my wife loves me enough to put up with my terrible laundry and cooking skills.
We are all offered amazing love.  Though you may not know unconditional love, there is a God who offers it.  It's love not predicated on perfection or wealth or style or intelligence or connectedness.  It's a God who chose to leave heaven, join us on earth, live with us, and suffer for us.  Because he loves us.  Plain and simple.

Whether or not you're a fan of Feb 14, you gotta be down with this kind of love!  (I wonder if my wife loves that I can't pull off lingo like that?)

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