Monday, May 16, 2011

The Economy Strkes Again

Is there no end to the devastation of our nation’s economic woes? Granted most citizens aren’t worried about finding their next meal, but many are still hurting. At PLCC this has now taken the form of downsizing. The church has rescinded the call to my friend Reid. If you’re not familiar with church lingo, that means he has been asked to find another job.
There is frequent staff turnover in ministry. Sometimes it is the result of misbehavior. Other times, there is a fundamental disagreement in the theology of the two parties. And there are times when pastors move to a new church home for a change of scenery or in response to God’s call (command). But in this case, it’s basically the economy.
Reid didn’t want to leave. He did nothing wrong. His talents are numerous. His heart, gold. His friendship, irreplaceable. I have learned much from him in 18 months. Plus, I have yet to even begin bragging about his wife and kids. I had no input on this decision and I don’t envy the group that is making decisions for a church in this economy. Quite frankly I’m fortunate it wasn’t me.

Of all those on staff who could have lost their jobs, he is the most “marketable” for a new one. It’s a crude way to label a pastor as marketable, but the dude is multi-talented and could do just about anything for a church. He preaches very well. He relates to kids and adults equally. He’s down to earth. He’s direct. He’s passionate. He’s smart. He’s technologically savvy. He’s creative.

I am sickened for the upheaval he and his family will go through and pray for their peace and blessing. In our current economic state many are affected. Fortunately in God’s economy we have no reason to fear because when bad stuff happens, He’ll take care of us. The church at Philippi is promised by Paul that “my God will meet all your needs according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus.”

Not only that, but who knows the implications this decision will have. Proverbs tells us to “trust in the Lord with ALL our heart and to not lean on our own understanding.” The group that made the decision prayed for discernment for months and I believe they have been leaning not on their own understanding. This heartbreaking life change may cause grief, but it may also yield benefits unforeseen.

As we feel the effects of our hopeless economy remember there is always hope within God’s economy.

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