Monday, January 3, 2011

Best Seats Ever!

I promise – last football post for a long time. But you have to hear about this one. For my recent 40th, my parents bought me tickets to go see the Seahawks. They bought them off one of those re-sell your tickets websites for season ticket holders – in case you forgot about your cousin’s barber’s Uncle Morty’s 90th birthday in Walla Walla which someone rudely scheduled on a Sunday during football season. And because you’re greedily hoping to stay in his good graces because you want him to bequeath you his 57 Chevy, you gotta go.

That’s a bit sharp, but it gets you in the right, selfish frame of mind. Please forgive my artistic license. So my folks bought two seats for Jana and me for the last game of the year a few months back. Because of their moderate success (especially compared to the ‘08-‘09 seasons) all I hoped for was a meaningful game from my new team. Had they been out of the playoff picture, the energy wouldn’t have been there. It would have been like a scrimmage – a mere exhibition game with a hot dog and coke on the side. But because the NFC West was pathetic and the stars all aligned (I don’t think God providentially chooses to determine most or any games), the winner of the Seahawks v. Rams would be in the playoffs.

Upon entering the stadium we were given the unfamiliar direction of walking DOWN to our seats (Fraser seats are usually up – WAY UP). Row J was our three hour home. Translation – 10 rows from the field. Close enough to see that even the punters are uncharacteristically gigantic humans. Close enough to have to look around the sideline television camera. Incredible seats. Incredible game. We froze because there was no cloud cover. But we didn’t care. Our feet are sore because we never sat down – everyone stood the whole game. (And because I made Jana walk over a mile to a parking spot – I ain’t paying $30 to park!) My voice is gone today. But that’s okay – no preaching on Mondays, just blogging and emails.

Today’s lesson? Ummm. Go to football games for a great date? Nope. Let’s see. Sometimes good seats are worth it? Nah. How about this: life is like the playoffs! Had the Seahawks lost – season over. But because they won, there’s a buzz around town. People are excited, and somewhat afraid, that the Saints are marching in next week (the Superbowl winners, not the Christian Church mothers and fathers of centuries gone by). There is hope. There is joy. We’re scheming to find out how to avoid their complex defense. We’re debating who’s going to be our quarterback.

God wants His Church to be that alive. To passionately hash out our opinions. To come together to high five believers we’ve never met. To choose our leaders. To strategize the best way to carry the life-altering news of Jesus Christ to the world. At some point the playoffs will be over. Our time is limited. We don’t get a second chance to live our lives. We cannot take things likely. Win or go home.

May those of you unfamiliar with life with Christ know the thrill of playing for His team. May those of you who’ve chosen to be on His team live like you’re in the playoffs!

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Liz D. said...


How fun! Sounds like a once in a lifetime opportunity.

When the Giants ended up in the World Series there was so much hoopla around here-our home included. It's true that we should be like this as believers. Your words hit home. Thanks for the reminder.

Hugs to Jana and your beautiful family.