Monday, November 22, 2010

When Life Gives You Lemons...Go Play in the Snow

We just walked in from the front yard - the high octane snowball fight is now over. Well, maybe high octane is a bit of a fabrication. My wife instigated it. My girls participated. I gladly jumped in. The male child just whined about his cold hands (having refused to wear gloves). I've never played in the snow in my front yard. It's great! Now we're inside getting ready for dinner, sitting by the fire and checking our Facebook statuses (stati?).

Tonight's plans were changed. We were a bit disappointed. You see, today is "Gotcha Day." Two years ago today we met our son. I'll never forget it. Our annual tradition (at least we went last year) is to go out to Ethiopian food for the big day, parade him around the restaurant, and puff up our chests like proud parents. But it snowed. So we're having chicken alfredo. Good stuff, but that Ethiopian cuisine is quite tasty.

The nuttiness of the day brought out increased traffic, thousands of coffee house patrons, and crazy after school parent drivers. On the way back to the office (read: Starbucks) after picking up the eldest from school, my car skidded ever so slightly on the main road. The weather was getting worse and I quickly realized I wouldn't be able to finish my sermon prep this evening (It may not surprise you that uninterrupted study is difficult in a house of three children.).

I turned around and headed home and "made lemonade" - translation: played in the snow with my family. Oops, read carefully. No yellow snow was involved! Though I'm a bit behind on sermon prep, we had a blast and I'll remember tonight for a long time. I'm missing out on "doro wat" and "injera", but chicken alfredo is sounding pretty good too.

How often are your plans changed? Are you ever forced to postpone your to-do list? Can you survive without your Google calendar? I'm not here as an expert, just someone learning. After all, if you live up here too tomorrow's forecast is for cold, icy weather. We may all be making lemonade...or playing in the snow...or on the ice...or ____________ (fill in probable inclement weather activity).

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