Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Nothing Like the Ocean

For me there's nothing like the ocean. Simplistically it's my happy place. Spiritually it's more impressive than a centuries-old cathedral. And I've seen some oldies!
On a recent vacation (one without cathedrals), we spent four days at the ocean. Because it's summer it was warm enough to swim in with relatively few complaints from the kids. Time seemingly slowed as I watched my three kids really enjoy the ocean. They played in the sand, buried their legs, ran from the waves, and jumped in the whitewash. Though he was shaking visibly, Elias didn't want to go ashore when we bobbed up and down in the waves.
The ocean is free entertainment - apart from the costly road trip to get there. There is endless delight, screaming, and swimsuit sagging. (Note to self - purchase new trunks at Costco with better drawstring.) Each day I had a few moments of alone time and floated on the water just beyond the shorebreak. There's something mystical about the consistency of the swells. Something intoxicating about the salt water smell. Something spiritual about the power of the waves while lonely me is tossed to and fro just beyond the shorebreak.
I have learned to take a snapshot of those moments in my mind. To breathe deeply and hold on to God's simple gifts. With this trip behind me I am currently savoring more than one Double-Double, a lousy round of golf with a good friend, beautiful roadside scenery, watching my kids play in the sand, and floating on the water. As inconsistent as life is, who knows if it'll ever happen again. Or maybe next week?

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Debbie Rodriguez said...

I didn't know you had a blog! I read several and will continue as I found them very down to earth-relatable-inspirational. When I look at the ocean, mountains, and desert I am also in awe of God and aware of his majesty. Yet he does love us so much. Love the line in an Amy Grant song "beautiful the mess we are" that's what God sees. Christ's beauty in us, not the mess we are. It does remind me that he is in charge of my life, he is not suppose to just be our Savior but also our Lord!