Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter Road Trip

Easter road trip
Weekly blog hiatus
Three days long
Three word entry
Texas' Sonic reunion
Tator tot madness
Large cherry limeade
Kids in frenzy
Tacoma Narrows Bridge
incredible Crescent Lake
Forks - Twilight home
Teenage girl hysteria
My wife too
Where is Edward?
Where is Bella?
Filmed in Oregon?
Stop crying, dear
Resume trip, please?
Miniature log cabin
Ocean side trip
LaPush sans vampires
No werewolves either
Breathtaking rugged coast
45 degrees max
No suntan possible
Swimming? Death wish!
MTV parties absent
Impromptu sand castle
Olympic National Park
Beautiful nature hike
Trees with moss
Crystal clear streams
Actual direct sunlight
Week sans naps
Lots of lattes
Pizza dining disaster
Ticked off Ethiopian
Publicly humiliated parents
Back to motel
Insult to injury
Eldest child vomits
Youngest's diaper explosion
Cabin needs Febreze
Hot springs swim
Stinky sulfur water
Time to return
DVD player rescues
Loudest child sleeps
Sarcastic entry birthed
Home sweet home
Need a vacation
Where are grandparents?


Laura said...

Needing a vacation after the vacation - been there. Too funny!

Anonymous said...

Gosh you make me laugh!!!!

Andy said...

I feel like I was on the trip with you - excellent post and very funny.