Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Starting Over...Again

Well, for those who know us, it’s no shocker. We’ve moved…again. We just can’t seem to settle. Perhaps a military life would have been a better choice for us. Every two years, you up and go. We do love new adventures.

So here we are in our new home – Austin, Texas. To think that after only four weeks that we’ve fully assimilated to the Republic would be absurd. I was checked on that just today. It wasn’t quite, “You aren’t from here are ya…” but my mispronunciation of a local town, Manchaca (pronounced ManShack), was a clear indicator that – I’m not from here. Course lots of people here are transplants too. So where is home? Spiritually speaking, heaven. Relationally? Anywhere with my wife and children. Geographically? California – You know, you can take the boy out of California…Just ask our Pacific Northwest friends who watched me wear shorts for two cold years. Speaking of the PNW, I’d consider that home too. The rain was tough, but it’s a spectacular place and it’s the place where I embraced God and the people. I don’t think I developed such invaluable relationships so quickly anywhere else in my life.

Why start a blog? Well, at the moment there are few adult conversations for me these days as I assume the role of Mr. Mom. Though only three people may only ever read this (Jana and Mom included), I relish the opportunity of reflecting on this attempt to assimilate to Austin. Many people have told us it’s a West Coast city and simultaneously uniquely the capital of Texas. So how will five So Cal/SLO/No Cal/PNW/Ethiopia alums adapt to their new adopted city? We’ll find out!


Teya said...

Love it Rob. Keep the posts coming!...and you can now add me to the list of people that will read your blog.

Amy said...

Well Jana said you were funny - and I wasn't disappointed! You know my cousins Shawn and Gypsy.